We review the new single from The Matchbox – Moulin Rouge

‘Moulin Rouge’ is the debut single from Manchester indie-rock band The Matchbox. Whether this song is actually about Moulin Rouge I can’t say, but it certainly carries the same taste for the dramatic.

It’s not necessarily the same kind of drama as the famous cabaret, but there is a sense of hurt and torture in the vocals that makes everything feel very serious. This is further emphasised by the slow, gradual building of inviting guitar picking for the first minute of the song.

A couple of times in the track there is a small wave of eruption into a guitar solo. These seem to be the only points it feels like it’s finally stopped building and reached what it was meant to reach. Other than that, it’s hard to find a true catchy chorus you can sing back to.

That isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it’s just unusual for a single to not have an element that really sticks in your head so you don’t forget it. It’s just that short step from a solid single.

One thing I can say is that this track is impressively professional for a debut single. The overall sound is sturdy, and there’s no obvious indication that this isn’t exactly the kind of music The Matchbox want to release.

From what I’ve seen, the band has been gigging a lot. I get a sense that this track would be one that you wouldn’t want to miss live. It might not be as strong standing alone, but in a set surrounded by other songs I think it would stand tall.

For their debut single, The Matchbox have shown positive signs for the future. I’m sure they’ll only get better with each release.

Give ‘Moulin Rouge’ a listen now!