The Matchbox Just A Moment


The Matchbox captures a variety of alt-rock stylings in the latest single, Just A Moment. The Manchester group has been grafting away with another big hit as they head off to play some shows with Scottish rockers, Twin Atlantic.

The best description to give Just A Moment is that it is an eager slow burner. Whilst much of the early focus is on steady bass and drum rhythms for the verses, the band explodes into the track. The guitars swiftly change from delicate leads and ringing rhythm chords into fuzzy and overdriven notes.

It’s not a track you can guess what direction it’s going in, but once it kicks in, it’s here to stay. The vocals become more passionate as the track progresses with future choruses feeling fuller. The choruses pull from melodic alt-rock stylings merged with fuzz and 90s emo vocal portrayals.

The overall rhythms are swayingly entrancing with the jangly notes providing a warm focus to a track about taking chances. It’s a track of embracing future positives no matter what happens. The individuals mentioned in the track have no idea what path is set out for them, and despite the negatives, they would take that moment.

With every re-listen of Just A Moment, the vocals become the stand-out part of the track and engross you. They’re vocals that could easily slide into other indie genres, but the delicate nature of the alt-rock stylings of The Matchbox gives them so much more individuality. The later verses feature more instrumental evolving with guitar noodlings and an expansion of drumming patterns.

The Matchbox have lit up on their newest single and grasping at both emotions and pushing their noisy boundaries, they have created a passionate piece of music. It’s a melodic sound with decent instrument experimentation to give a window into endless possibilities.