We review the new single from The Meskimo

Written for someone who has a hard time putting into words their love for someone else, this is the perfect example of actions speaking louder than words. A collaboration between The Meskimo and Howe, ‘…The Stars Would Explode’ originally started as an instrumental but blossomed when Howe created lyrics perfectly.

Psychedelic in places and nudging towards artists such as Tame Impala and Little Feat, the track soars with guidance from the message. Leaving their heart on their sleeves as they perform the track, the world needs more love in it and this track feels like a perfect starting point.

The production feels slightly harsh in moments and airy, leaving the vocals to sound less cinematic. Nevertheless, the instrumentation creates a safe haven fuelled with complexity.

The perfect backdrop while you try to tell your loved ones how much you care, musically, the track is accompanied by a driving heartbeat.

Somewhere between the realms of dream-pop, shoegaze and lo-fi, there’s something about Howe’s vocals that remind me very much of Elizabeth Fraser. Euphoric and note-perfect, her character shines throughout.

This is a collaboration I would love to hear more of – this is just the beginning of this partnership.