We review the new single from The Otherness – Few For The Stew

I know it’s not often you listen to a rock band hailing from Argentina and Germany, but in comes The Otherness. Their new single ‘Few For The Stew’ is part of their upcoming debut album ‘LMIRL’ (Let’s Meet In Real Life). You might not know what to expect, I didn’t either, but don’t knock this group until you try them. 

An amalgamation of 60s guitar music and 2000s rock, the sound of The Otherness feels simultaneously familiar and unique. Fit with snappy melodies, Beatles-inspired harmonies, and some surprisingly heavy guitar for what the song is, this track gives you a lot to think about.

The distorted sound, however, may also be the song’s downfall. It just feels a tad too heavy for what the rest of the song provides. Although the group aren’t too far from a similar successful sound to the likes of Teenage Fanclub, it wouldn’t hurt to just bring it down slightly.

Despite this feeling, it certainly hasn’t stopped The Otherness from receiving heaps of praise from a few big names. Steve Lamacq, from Radio 6 Music, said that ‘Few For The Stew’ was a ‘Relentless pursuit of the new, the different or the distinct’. 

A relentless pursuit to improve is something that will serve the band well. Working tirelessly on refining their sound gives every reason for the group to only achieve bigger and better things.

With that hope for more and more from the four-piece, it presents promising things for their debut album. The band themselves have said lyrics will touch on subjects like human relationships, gun violence, corruption, climate change, pop culture, sexism-feminism, the consumer society shaped by the influence of new tech and social media, addictions, mental health and freedom of expression.’. That’s a hefty amount to take on, but I suppose we’ll have to wait and see.