Full of angst and punk fury, The Perps return with a guitar-enthralling piece in the shape of The Clique.

Crunchy guitar tones dance around with an engaging verse with the ‘rock and roll’ approach of not being told what to do. The Perps aren’t taking anything from anyone and strive for their own independence with a driving force of guitar rock behind them.

It’s a fully engaging track that reflects the emotive language and themes presented. From bouncing verse riffs, the song explodes into its anthemic chorus with huge distorted sounds and crowd-focusing lyrical moments. It’s a song that wants to pick you up and encourage you.

The snare hits feel tight with the production on the drums making the listener hear every crash of the cymbals, it almost feels like you’re in the middle of a circle of drumsets.

The bridge gives each instrument its time to shine including a tasteful bass fill that had previously felt so absent, but we all know it’s there thumping along with the guitars. The conclusion to the track almost gives way for a guitar lead moment, but it ends as soon as it is teased.

The Perps are no strangers to juicy guitar rock and this moment in their career is a great expression of both their sound, their approach as a band, and their place in the Manchester indie/alt-rock scene. I very happily put my name forward as a member of The Perps’ clique.