We review the new single from The Psychos of Soul – Like You Used To

With a heavy emphasis on themes of jealousy, hate, love, and toxicity, ‘Like You Used To’ puts out a heavy and intense track that’s a mix of old school meets new school. 

There’s a very intense usage of distortion on the guitars within the track, making it a unique sound almost immediately. With various levels of distortion, bass boosting, and all around manipulation to the sound, it makes them take on a life of their own within the song. As time goes by, moments of undistorted chords break through, with the sounds of tortured screeches and wails. 

It’s a very unique sound that’s fine tuned to give ‘Like You Used To’ an attitude and sound that’s unlike anything else. It’s manic, heavy and borderline industrial in some ways. It’s only the tip of the iceberg as well, with this same kind of attitude permeating into the rest of the song. 

As far as the vocals go, they’re full of crooning and desperate, strained wails that really sell the anguish and jealousy of the songs lyrical theming well. There’s a real unhinged desperation that comes through and it fits thematically well to a terrifying degree with the aforementioned guitar work. 

The only thing within the song that sticks to a clear and familiar sound is the drums. They’re the grounding for the song and keep everything else from sounding like the work of a madman, they’re simple and assured with a strict beat throughout. Along with a clear sound and lack of distortion to any beat, it’s the component that gives the listener something to cling onto in the whirlwind of noise. 

The Psychos of Soul really do live up to the name with ‘Like You Used To’, conjuring up manic yet heartfelt lyrics mixed with near deafening and powerful noise rock instrumentals that whilst, at times, can be abrasive, they fit well with the story that’s being told.