We review the new single from The Ronains – Lunatics

Punchy and full of attitude, ‘Lunatics’ is the brand new single from Scottish rockers The Ronains. Reflecting the political turmoil that has become the new normal in the UK, ‘Lunatics’ is a tonic for the doom and gloom that has persisted in recent years, and gives us something to shout about.

Opening with cinematic strings, dramatic vocals, and spacey synths, raucous guitars soon take us into the meat of this track. This is flashy rock, not afraid to show off its own fabulousness. Overdriven guitars and classic rock drums form a thick bed for the powerful vocals to deliver the story being told.

The lyrics perfectly surmise the reluctance of the population to accept the new status quo – “I don’t know why I’m here, I’ve done nothing wrong”. The Ronains apply themselves to this heavy subject matter with a degree of fun, injecting some energy into the debate. ‘Lunatics’ is like a therapeutic jump around to relieve the stress we’ve held for the past few years.

Styling themselves as the grandchildren of Lady Gaga and The Clash, you can hear the drama and vocal power they inherited from the former, and the angst and guitars from the latter. This is a extravagant clash of sounds and the result is compelling and infectious.

‘Lunatics’ is an outrageously loud riot anthem, a call to arms that challenges those we put in charge. Driven by the rhythmic guitars and drums, ‘Lunatics’ charges forward demanding accountability and change. The lead vocals on this one are impressive and bold, hitting notes that are impossibly high with impeccable control and tone.

The Ronains have effortlessly brought classic Rock and Roll and New Wave to 2022, earning them support slots with the likes of Gerry Cinnamon and Jake Bugg. Fresh off the back of a sell out US tour, The Ronains smashed their first gigs back in Scotland over August and are heading into the second half of the year on the upward swing. ‘Lunatics’ is a vibrant release full of flair and attitude and catchy melodies that will have you singing all day long.