rosadocs stand alone
rosadocs stand alone


The Rosadocs have been champions of the Yorkshire indie scene for many years. From festival slots, football stadiums, tours and supporting big names in indie rock they have made a name for themselves. They’re a group I’ve known from their inception and one who I have worked with before.

Now to stop scratching one’s ego, The Rosadocs are back with their new 2024 single Stand Alone. The group has had multiple releases over the years and it is a surprise they haven’t been scooped up by a notable label. On the other hand, Stand Alone might just be the song to do it.

Stand Alone is an emotional piece depicting everyday life and relatable content for a lot of the younger generations. The track discusses life’s expectations (job, house, kids) and progressing from one educational prospect to another with not much to show for it or benefit from. Stand Alone could be seen as both standing up to the pressures of life or not having to stand alone as there’s help around you.

From the get-go, it’s obvious Stand Alone is going to be quite the anthemic number. With its verse progression into an explosive chorus, it doesn’t disappoint those expectations. Those neck pickups on the opening guitar notes burst into an entourage of instrumentation. Those layered guitars and dancing drum beats are the passionate explosion the band produces well in Stand Alone.

Frontman, Keelan Graney’s vocals are a huge takeaway from this track. His words feel so passionate and emotive, certainly one of the best vocalists to come out of South Yorkshire in years. Not only that the songwriting, themes and structures make this one of the best Rosadocs and South Yorkshire indie rock songs in years. The verses build up the tempo and the bridge is more delicate, but every time that chorus is waiting for you.

From the massive sound of layered guitars and synths and soaring vocals, it is a striking piece of music. The Rosadocs will be sure to capitalise on this track and boost their setlist throughout the year. This is certainly the track that should prick up the ears of record labels because it’s about time we got that first full-length album from The Rosadocs. There’s passion, a powerful chorus, engaging vocals and instrumentation… what more could you want?


📸 Credit – SA Photography