Our Fear is Their Power, is the latest single from The Shed Project, and it takes a lot of influence from hardcore punk with its particular theming. Showcasing a more classic rock and indie rock aesthetic musically, but is themed around a very blatant jab at the Tory government of recent years. 

Opening with an ominous noise as the song builds into a slightly muffled yet intense rock’n’roll drum beat and bass chord. The drums in particular are one to note, as they echo about the soundscape with the rumbling intensity of a war drum. It’s an immediate call to arms, one that leaves an immediate impression on the listener purely from the sound production. 

The bass chord is intense and in your face for the majority of the track as well, leaving the lead guitar to make a much more ambient sound throughout everything but the chorus. It’s a funky, deep sound that gives a serious amount of swagger to the whole track. 

Whilst the lead guitar is utilised sparingly, being slightly muffled underneath the huge drum beats and anthemic vocals, it is still intricate and ready to make a statement. As odd as it is, it does feel like the guitars are doing something all their own in this song. This isn’t to say that they’re not in line with the rest of the instruments, it’s more that they’re focused on delivering an ongoing and ever-evolving sound throughout the song. This culminates in a brief but no less powerful solo that’s touched upon before a brief interlude and explodes in the post interlude moments. 

Lyrically, Our Fear is Their Power, is making a very obvious statement, right down to the title of the track. It takes a very anti-establishment stance from the get go, with this coming to a head during the interlude.

During this interlude, the song is broken up with a sound sample of Boris Johnson, at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic telling people to stay in their homes. It outright spits in the face of governmental control and shifts the connotations of the metaphor to outright spitting in the face of the UK government. There’s not subtext to the song anymore, rather just a declaration of the powers that be using fear to control the masses. 

Our Fear is Their Power, is a strong statement of a song, wrapped up in a neat little bow of strong musicianship that’s haunting and heavily ambient. It’s not here to make you get up and dance, or sing along to it’s chorus.

Instead, it’s a mission statement, a call to arms, something to inspire the listener and make them think. It’s leapt out of the box and thrown it away entirely, differing from traditional songwriting and composition of what should make a popular song.

There’s no intent here to make something that’ll top the charts, it’s here to plant an idea and raise awareness in the medium of music, and it makes that statement with excellent flavour.