We review the new single from The Stealers – ‘She Said’

Bold and brash, ‘She Said’ is the brand new single from Brighton’s independent rockers The Stealers. Bursting straight out the gate with pounding drums and loud guitars, ‘She Said’ quickly delivers a hook-heavy track, artfully heavy with a dynamic structure and performance.

The relentless drums and minor-based melody creates a sense of urgency in the song. This sensation is mirrored in the lyrics “Im running out of time”, and elevated with a blistering guitar solo that brings the song to a cacophonous climax. The Stealers underpin tracks heaviness with muted screaming guitars and stripped-back vocals in the verses that create a sense of frustration and of something being denied.

The choruses explode with angst and energy, guitar lines and vocal melodies expanding to create space and emotion. The song hurtles along, barely pausing for breath, delivering a rapid 3 minute rock song that fulfills all the tropes we expect of an alt rock single.

The Brighton 3-piece have become known for their electrifying live shows, and enjoyed their festival debut at this years Isle of Wight festival. The dramatic energy of ‘She Said’ gives some indication of what they might be like live, and there is a tangible vibrancy in the overall performance.

‘She Said’ delivers alt rock to a high standard, beautifully blending the loud brashness of the guitars and drums, with subtle nuance in the vocals, all whilst delivering a heavy hitting chorus and a sweeping guitar solo that rips through the mix and uplifts the track.