We review the new single from The Stetsons Electric – Nana’s Boy

Power chords and pounding drums, The Stetsons Electric are storming in with their new single ‘Nana’s Boy’. 

Don’t be put off by the comical name. It’s all part of their own musical brand of ‘daft rock’. Combining heavy riffs with witty lyricism, the band continues their signature sound from previous releases like ‘Dirty Ripper’ and ‘Japan’.

The inspiration behind the tongue-in-cheek words is ‘about avoiding your girlfriend by always going round to your nans’. 

It’s difficult to say these lyrics are the most relatable. How many people frequently avoid their girlfriend by visiting their nan? However, I can’t speak for everyone and I can’t speak for The Stetsons either.

One thing that can be said for the North West group is the exuberant performance they channel into their tracks. They play with the aim to spark joy for listeners, and you have to commend them for it.

A distortion of noise and whining of vocals drives the song to a level of force that makes you desperate to jump up and down to it live. Luckily for us, they’ve got an upcoming gig in Wigan and some potential dates in Manchester lined up. If you get the chance then why not go and check them out? Why wouldn’t you?

For now, you can give them a listen down below and let us know what you think!