The Tonics Memories Wont Drown
The Tonics Memories Wont Drown


Steady elements of punk and dancing verses introduce The Tonics and their first single, Memories Won’t Drown. The Cheltenham quartet pulls classic punk riffs from the late 70s with some modern flare and delves into the subject of breakups.

Memories Won’t Drown blurs between genres dipping in and out between styles. Guitars blur between indie lead riffs to steady punk chords. All of this is balanced by a bopping bass and rhythmic drum pattern. To top it all off, singer Anna Marsh’s smooth vocals stick to the beat and flow elegantly within The Tonics sound.

The chorus is incredibly catchy from the consistent guitar and drum rhythms. However, bassist Charlie Plews and Anna bounce along giving the chorus so much energy. The chorus is colourful and fun. It pumps up the overall mood of the track where usually the theme would be sorrowful. It’s a charismatic piece of retrospect. Taking on the subject of a break-up but still remembering the good times is not a new step in this subject, but certainly a fresher approach.

It is comforting to hear how the music reflects that with the influential 70s rock defining the band’s rhythmic focus. However, unlike many decades ago, there are other influences taking place. Vocally the track has a touch of Blondie, but the gritty guitar tones scream Fugazi. You could easily imagine the group producing some quick choppy riffs. On the other hand, this melodic and sincere sound is the kind of engaging music rock music needs.

You just know The Tonics have a sing-a-long acoustic track somewhere in the mix. This young group invites you into their sound with open arms. Their blend of nostalgia and sugary smooth vocals make for an accessible and replayable track. Memories Won’t Drown and my memories of this song certainly won’t be going anywhere anytime soon.