We review the new single from The Trusted – Eli

Ever thought of writing a classic indie-pop track with a hidden deeper message? Well The Trusted beat you to it with their brand new single ‘Eli’.

Recorded at SS2 Recording in their hometown of Southend-on-Sea, the indie outfit effortlessly make their way through a brief three minutes using what can only be described as a pretty basic indie sound which has then been dressed in subtle amounts of electronics and synth.

The four-piece are all over tackling big topics in their music, and there’s no change this time. Explaining the song themselves, ‘the song’s protagonist turns to a fictionalised Jesus/God type character (Eli) thinking they will be able to save them. The protagonist comes to the realisation that the only way they can save their mind from self-destruction, is to do it themselves.’. 

On first impression this doesn’t seem like it’s going to be light listening, but when you listen to the song you realise it’s surprisingly lacking in weight.

Whilst the meaning is intended to be a strong and impactful one, I think the song struggles to achieve this. I think the indie front to ‘Eli’ slightly overshadows any further intentions the song has, and arguably the emotion could be conveyed in a stronger fashion.

Nevertheless, The Trusted are still doing a pretty decent job of making a name for themselves. Receiving praise from the likes of Fresh on the Net and BBC Introducing, they must be doing something right.

If you want to check out ‘Eli’ then give it a listen down below, and let us know what you think!