We review the new single from The Trusted – Millennium

With a variety of inspiration from Britpop, Post Punk, and varying British rock groups, The Trusted take a solid stab at something that’s accessible and a solid song to listen to. 

Originally forming as a band of friends from school, it’s great to see that The Trusted have come from humble beginnings and managed to sharpen their musicianship into something that is wholly their own. 

With its upbeat bass and guitar chords straight from the off, it’s immediately clear what the song is going for. It’s an upbeat bop that’s full of feel good sounds, and a heartwarming message. 

The song itself is about being millennial at its core, with this desperation to live to the fullest and to just feel alright. It’s a relatable message from a generation caught in a whirlwind of changing circumstances; everything from technology to gender politics. It’s incredibly relatable for anyone born before the turn of the millennium, but could easily be related to by a variety of people with its message of just wanting to be happy. 

With a solid vocal performance that’s pleasant to hear, clear as day to listen to with no mumbling or moments where it’s drowned out. It’s the focal point of the song that’s backed up by a clean and simple backing track from the rest of the band. 

The guitars themselves are solid and simple, no over extravagant solos or moments where the guitarist takes the steering wheel for a hot second. It’s a safe bet as that’s not what the song is aiming for. Instead it’s played safely, sticking to the foundations and simple fundamentals of the song and playing off of the other instruments. 

Similarly is the bass, as stated previously, it’s a funky and upbeat tune that plays loudly and firmly as the backbone of the song. It’s one of the more imaginative parts of the track as well, shying away from being a simple rhythm and bringing much more attitude than most songs would have. It’s a good decision and keeps the cohesion high. 

The drums are a similar affair, taking on a simple yet intricate role. Again there are no overly fancy flourishes, instead sticking with the basics and letting the main theme of the song be told through the lyrics and overall mood. 

Overall, The Trusted play it very safe with Millennium, but they do so to their benefit. Keeping everything tidy and tying it up nicely with a solid performance all around for each component. It’s clear to see the obvious camaraderie in the band, with the clear vision and execution set out from the band. A solid and easy going track that’s an easy listen and one that can be revisited again and again.