We review the new single from The Underclass – ‘Hometown’

Stoke Indie rockers The Underclass brings us back to their roots with their nostalgia-drenched new single ‘Hometown’. Huge vocals delivering meaningful lyrics, blistering guitar lines, and driving drums that create an epicness all work together in this indie anthem.

Revisiting the places and memories that have forged the band we hear today, ‘Hometown’ is a track that sits comfortably within the umbrella of anthemic, a Circa Waves-esque chorus is sung with euphoria and tangible emotion that makes you want to scream the words back to the band on a festival stage. Listening to this song makes you want to grab your old mates and hold them close, and is a perfect festival season hit.

‘Hometown’ fizzes with energy from the first drum hit. A quickly moving Guitar hook brings us straight into the verse, where the lyrics get straight to the point and let us know exactly what this song is about. There’s no beating around the bush here, as a ripping chorus is just around the corner that elevates the energy to a point where you can’t sit still listening to it. It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement created by the instrumental in this song. The drums and guitars do an excellent job of capturing the vital and present energy of the sentiment behind the song.

‘We’ve been ourselves for our whole lives” captures the authenticity with which this band presents themselves. This message is carried forward in the bridge, the section which provides a brief respite before The Underclass ramp it back up for the final chorus and soaring guitar solo that closes the song.

The Underclass are aiming for household name status, and see this song as another step down that path. ‘Hometown’ delivers indie rock perfection to a high level, with it’s vibrant mix that places everything at the forefront of the song. It feels like they hold nothing back in ‘Hometown’, and it will be exciting to see the Stoke rockers bring this one to the live stage.