We review the new single from The Vanities single – London

As if you stepped in a time machine and were transported back to the age of big synth ballads, Cardiff duo The Vanities share with us their single ‘London’. Taken off their flashy new album ‘2001’, released at the end of November, this track is a standout sing-along single that the pair want everyone to know about.

A looming presence of synth is matched with the bustle of city noise before we are met with a dramatic piano chord and a melody of sax. We’re then given an echo of vocals as it is soon clear that The Vanities are not aiming for subtlety. Their music is directly at you and their to make a statement. It’s just not clear what that statement is.

Whilst the song captures the youthful essence of being in a big city like London, it fails to say anything momentous or new. Nevertheless, it is undoubtedly catchy and should serve The Vanities well for drawing listeners in.

An impressive range of synth-rock instrumentation also draws intrigue, providing sounds that we’ve rarely heard for the past twenty years. Not only do we have The Vanities to thank for this, but a host of other featured musicians too, including Chris Barber, Jack McDougal, and Gareth Jones.

How much you want to look back on that period of music, however, is down to you. I imagine some may feel better leaving it in the past.

There’s certainly some people enjoying it though. Picking up attention from the likes of BBC Radio Wales and Buzz Magazine, you have to believe that The Vanities must be doing something right.

To make up your own mind, give ‘London’ a listen down below and let us know what you think!