Seeing a musician tackling poetry and songwriting in a language that isn’t their first is always slightly worrying. There’s an air of worry as to whether they’ll hit the nail on the head. Tocha brings a confidence and ease with him that shows his comfort with his songwriting. 

Originally hailing from Peru, and travelling the world before settling in the UK, Tocha brings that well traveled feel to the music, mixing a classic Latin American feel with an english language lullaby of a song. 

The Light of Day, is very gentle and completely revolves around a powerful vocal performance coupled with an acoustic ballad. Taking a lot of cues from poetry within the songwriting, the lyrics are very personal and directly to the point. Talking about young boys growing into men around him, it gives Tocha a chance to reflect on his life within the song. Telling these young men to “fly away” into “the light of day”. It’s simple, but delivered in a beautiful way where the simplicity helps to focus the listener on the lyrics rather than the music. 

Whilst the lyrics are this gentle poem, inspired by personal experience and Tocha’s travels around the world, the music pulls from different places. There’s the clear influence of Tocha’s own home being brought in, utilising a very Latin-inspired guitar and some percussion to make up the bulk of the song. There’s a very minimal amount of components, but it complements the simplicity of the lyrics perfectly. 

Overall, The Light of Day, is a beautiful yet very personal journey that has an air of catharsis about it. There is a surface meaning about it, which can be understood just from listening. But there also seems to be another story hidden deeper within that’s just for Tocha to know.