We review the new single from Tokeo – ‘Bleak Moors’

‘Bleak Moors’ is the brand new single from Manchester based punk outfit Tokeo. A continuation of their sound, a dark blend of of punk, rock, and rap, ‘Bleak Moors’ is a brooding and ominous track that aptly reflects the sentiment of the country, as the cost of living crisis spirals out of control.

Kicking off with a restrained tempo, the energy of this track isn’t conveyed through the tempo but is unbridled in the vocals and feeling in the instrumental. Dark overdriven guitars enter the mix with minor intervals instantly setting the tone, and transforming the steady drums.

Edgy vocals sound sharp and aggressive, with each word being delivered with heavy precision, making it clear that each and every word is important. The incendiary chorus makes it clear that this is a call for revolt against those that are holding the power over the many. Whilst this song doesn’t offer a respite from the bleak outlook of current affairs, it does offer a cathartic escape from the grim realities.

Key lyrics of “build that **** shopping mall on that **** bleak moor” encapsulates our current disregard for nature and space in favour of instant gratification and consumerism. ‘Bleak Moor’ reflects the frustration and angst of today with roaring vocals, raw guitar tones, and building textures that heighten the sense of impending disaster.

Tokeo is challenging what we have come to expect of the Manchester independent music scene, ‘Bleak Moor’ is a far cry from the bright jangly indie rock that we have become used to, and their aptly titled single holds a mirror up to society. Their powerful blend of genres creates a swirl of angst, frustration, and anger conveyed through the lyrical content and delivery, and the tone and energy of the instrumentation.