We review the new single from Tokeo – I.A.F.D

Coming straight at you with no questions asked, Tokeo bring you their brand new single ‘I.A.F.D’.

What’s immediately noticeable about the track is that the lead vocals get right up in your ears. You can really put yourself in the headspace of stumbling about a busy pub as you struggle to make your way through the night.

This believable narrative is paired with pulsating rhythms, piercing guitar tones, and a repetitive descending riff that leads you to a conclusion you never seem to reach.

Talking about the track, vocalist Rory said “Whenever we play this song live I always quote that, “Some of us know this person, some of us have seen this person and some of us have been this person”. This is why the lyrics of this song cover the internal monologue of someone finding themselves in a cycle of self-destruction brought on by an inability to find their purpose or place in the world.”.

He’s definitely not wrong about the element of realism to the track, and the ruggedness of the production really adds to the chaos of it all. Whether an intentional choice or not, it’s one that worked out for the group.

Hopefully, this release brings some traction for the Rochdale band, and we get more and more releases in the future.