Welsh singer-songwriter Tom Collins returns with thirteenth track released in just over four years as he continues to build a strong body of work. Continuing in his trademark style, Casting Smiles is a track that’s strength lies in its down-to-earth yet soulful lyrics. This is a love song rooted in honesty rather than glamour, and as always with Collins, its brimming with relatability.

There is a wonderful warmth to his songwriting which is perhaps as potent in this new release as anything he’s done previously. Its hard to put your finger on where it comes from, but there is a definite familiarity to his songs, whether you are a longstanding fan or not. This, for me, is the most impressive part of what he does.

Listing the likes of Sam Fender and Jamie Webster as influences, its quite clear he is cut from that same ilk. His sound has continued to have that ‘boy next door’ sort of edge to it, which adds to its charm without doubt. He does differentiate himself from those others though, with a slightly smoother sound, less aggression and an overall more welcoming.

Having really began to pick up some exposure, even appearing on 2022s edition of The Voice, it feels like he is ready to take the next step forward very soon. Listening through his back catalogue you can see crystal clear how his song writing has improved with each release. It is beginning now to feel like it is only a matter of time before he moves on to bigger and better things.

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