We Review The New Single From Toy Car – New

Wasting no time from the success of their previous song, Somewhere In-Between, Toy Car is back with the new single titled ‘New‘ which is littered with indie sounds of old.

The Liverpudlian singer-songwriter Shaun Hough and his project Toy Car have previously been dubbed as a band with thrilling bold execution and New continues that styling.

At the same time, Toy Car manages to find balance from the grooving bass verse to the delicate chorus with dark undertones of the misunderstandings and difficulties in life. The next time we revisit this chorus, however, it’s an explosion of classic Brit-pop harmonies and warm chords.

New instantly becomes a sing-a-long track for the ages from the two-minute mark. Your ears are rattled with the force of words that previously seemed low in their mood to what can only be described as mutual understanding and a sense of togetherness.

What Toy Car does well with its Britpop influences is that it doesn’t rely heavily on them for the sake of it. They’re not trying to replicate anyone and they’re not seemingly going for existing tones that make you automatically think of Britpop.

Toy Car moves from one style to the next whether that is funk and bopping verses with a larger focus on certain instrumentation, solemn vocal deliveries, or anthemic overdriven climbs and ripping solos, in three-and-a-half minutes you’re treated to a varied and engaging indie-rock piece.