We review the new single from Transmission Lost – Losing My Mind

Just one month after the release of his debut single Transmission Lost, real name Garret Ashton has returned with his second release, ‘Losing My Mind’. Taking inspiration from elements of rock to electronica and everything in between, Garret Ashton creates meaningful tracks which listeners will hold close to their hearts.

Losing My Mind’ sees Garret build on the foundations he put into place with ‘One Way, expanding his sound palette further. Written after being inspired by the lead role in the film ‘Joker – ‘Losing My Mind’ tackles issues of abandonment, and how he thought was real was really an act of lip service. 

This new release allows Garret Ashton’s vivid imagination to come to the forefront, with emotive and strong storytelling displayed through whimsical song writing. The verses of ‘Losing My Mind’ are dark and menacing, infused with rock and electronica elements before its chorus explodes into riotous screams of anguish.

‘Losing My Mind’ helps to cement Transmission Lost as an exciting, innovative project. The 2000’s-alternative rock inspiration morphs perfectly, yet unexpectedly, with Garret’s more electronic influences and creates a track that is beautifully unique. As Transmission Lost pushes forward into the limelight, a devoted fanbase will follow suit.