Trapdoor Six

We review the new single from Trapdoor Six – Vacancy

This Manchester duo return with Vacancy, their second single since joining forces last year. Once again they have produced a genre bending track which excels in its cutting

Vacancy is defined by its brilliant grunginess. With both members multi-instrumentalists it would be easy to get carried away and create a much bigger sound than this to showcase all of their musical talents. Instead, they have consciously gone the other way with it, stripping their sound back to the bare bones, and really focussing on the eerie mood they are able to create with this moody, brooding creation.

A minimalist track, they rely on few elements to create their sound. Much like their maiden release Frayed Edges from earlier this year there seems to be an underlying ire build into their music. Without ever breaking out into aggressive riffs, the low rumble of the bass just gives the whole thing a definite eerie undertone.

In an era where we become more and more used to big production and full sound, this is a brave track. It does everything it needs to and doesn’t over egg their sound. Instead it allows ample space within it, something which is becoming rarer as time goes on. A second successful track on the bounce, lets hope theres more to come.

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