We review the new single from Truth and Tragedy – Kelvin’s not a Rockstar Yet

Hardcore to its core, there is nothing that can stop US/German band Truth & Tragedy’s new single ‘Kelvin’s not a Rockstar yet’. That’s what the band dream for anyway, to be unstoppable, and that desire is exactly what this song addresses.

Written in homage to their rock heros, singer Aaron reels them off like it’s nobody’s business. From Tommy Lee, to Axl Rose, to Bon Jovi, he makes it pretty clear in his lyrics who it is that the band are trying to replicate.

The release is described as Truth & Tragedy’s effort to prove ‘that they don’t need help from anyone to get themselves a place with the legends that they were raised on’.

Whilst this is the dream of so many aspiring musicians, and the belief that they can achieve it is essential, I’m not sure a song like this is the way to go about it. It’s intense riffs, shredding solos and screeching vocals are everything you need to make up a strong hardcore song, but it’s missing the delivery to make sure the listener really becomes attached to the song. 

It all feels a bit too on the nose and to the point and, whilst you can appreciate the listen, it may not necessarily hook you in and sink into your brain.

Truth & Tragedy evidently have musically technical talent, but I think it’ll take more to take them to the next level. If they really want to reach that goal of being legendary rock stars then they should put every ounce of effort that they have in them into getting there.

Give ‘Kelvin’s not a Rockstar Yet’ a listen down below and let us know what you think!