We review the new Single from Twivee – Dedication

Setting the tone with a moody track, even containing a nice little record crackle as it goes, Dedication is a brooding hip-hop track that takes a classic approach. 

With inspiration from some of the most well known, rap, grime, and hip-hop artists in the industry being worn on their sleeves. There’s a very classic feel to Dedication all around. With a minimalist drum machine track, that contains many of the usual production aspects of the genre. There’s a very clear focus on the lyrics rather than the beat. 

Going into a more detailed look, the beat does alter from verse to verse slightly, taking on a more intricate and condensed sound later on. Along with a gentle piano track accentuating the beat throughout, lending to the more gentle aspect of the track. 

It’s within the lyrics that the majority of the substance is found, describing the titular Dedication. But despite the descriptive lyrics, the concept, object, or person the dedications is devoted to is left purposely vague. It’s a great touch as the song is then left open for the listeners interpretation. 

Twivee himself has a very strong flow and a clear willingness to put in the work, one that’s both described within this track, and backed up by the amount of content that he’s put out within the last few months. Props also have to be given to Josh Bailey, who features here providing a softer edge to Twivee’s hard and sometimes explicit verses. The coupling of a more classic vocalist is nothing new within the genre, but a great pairing will always make any rap or rap adjacent track really shine. Here is no exception, with Bailey’s soft vocals just adding the cherry on top as he gives a passionate performance within the chorus portions. 

All in all, Dedication is a solidly produced track, with a smooth beat that’s punchy and minimal. A clear and strong vocal performance from both artists that compliment each other in an excellent fashion. As a whole, each component comes together to make a simple yet powerful track that’s filled with descriptive but vague meaning, leaving each listener with a unique idea of what the true meaning is.