We review the new single from Tyler Wade – Instincts

Born in Zimbabwe, raised in Cape Town, and now living in Perth, Australia, it’s obvious that even at just 21, Tyler Wade has lived something of an exciting life. It’s a shame then, that with such myriad cultures experiences from which Wade could draw influence, his latest single “Instincts” feels largely familiar and even a little predictable.

Arriving on a bed of fractured electronics and vocal samples, things start promisingly, and the production is by and large what keeps things interesting throughout the track’s three minute run time. Crisp percussion drives the track forward, while the fractured and disjointed vocal samples provide an extra layer of texture behind Wade’s vocal delivery.

And herein lies much of “Instincts” problems. Rarely does Wade harbour anything in the way of conviction; his delivery coming across as lazy and mumbled. There are occasions in the verses where a little bite and aggression elevates things momentarily, only for the pace to be stymied once again by the track’s chorus.

Overused and underwhelming, “Instincts” chorus is thankfully as predictable as things get, though take that as you will. Given that choruses are often the most memorable part of a song, it’s disappointing that here things fall flat, with Wade’s sing-song delivery seemingly lulling even himself to sleep.

It’s a shame, as the production is crisp and clean, providing a solid instrumental for what otherwise feels like a lacklustre delivery. That doesn’t mean to say Wade is without promise. There are occasions where his flow picks up and lyrics are delivered with a sense of conviction that’s lacking elsewhere, they just come too infrequently on this occasion to really bolster the track the way they otherwise might.