Having been on the go for around six years now, Ugly Yeti have entrenched themselves in the hearts and minds of their fans with an incredible character presence. Whether it’s on stage, in the studio, or via social media, they have created this unapologetic beast.

Now they return with another strong showing in the song, Floating Away. Jam-packed with flashy guitar squeals, heavy riffs, and an unapologetic vocal performance from multiple vocals. The heavy feel is just the tip of the iceberg though, with Floating Away recorded in Ugly Yeti’s studio. It leaves any meddling from producers who may try to soften it or have their input diluting the track. Instead, the band can give Floating Away this very personal feel.

The vocals are a real standout here, and bring that feeling of impact that’s only felt when two vocalists are giving it their all. It’s been prevalent in many big names in heavier scenes such as new metal, metalcore, hard rock, and the list goes on. But here it’s used to its full potential.

Our main frontman delivered a very clean performance for the most part, letting some of those screaming vocals fly briefly. And then our second vocalist becomes more and more involved as the song chugs along. Here though are the more rough vocals, ones that scream with so much emotion it feels as though he’s trying to move a mountain. But despite it all, there’s this harmony between the two as neither trying to steal the limelight from the other. The synchronicity between the two is sublime.

Moving on, the guitars are an equally as savage beast. On the whole, it’s this continual string of crunchy and satisfying riffs, with feedback squeals thrown in for some good effect. The solo is no different, encapsulating a groovy feel set up by the bass guitar.

It’s very much in service to the whole track as well, setting an excellent scene of desperation that the song is themed around.

Overall, the whole track feels fine-tuned to the exact taste, style, sound, and message the band wanted. It’s undistilled and raw in its delivery, feeling like a gateway song for anyone wanting to try something heavier. There’s no doubt about it that Ugly Yeti killed it, and did so with style.