We Review The New Single From Unwanted Guest – Constructive Ambiguity

They say time heals all wounds, and it was certainly surprising to me to see not only Unwanted Guest submitting for a new RGM review, but also for me to be the one to review him again.

Following my review of his album, Grave Metallum earlier this year, I didn’t favour Unwanted Guest’s 90s-inspired heavy rock and the man himself didn’t enjoy my review. However, the time has passed and the South Yorkshire rocker is back with a new single, Constructive Ambiguity.

From the get-go, the lo:fi vocals and steady guitar riff explode into a more stripped-back alternative rock sound. The vocals stylings of Unwanted Guest, otherwise known as Dave Fox, are the best element of his musical works.

The vocal delivery and variety reminisce a mixture of Myles Kennedy and Scott Weiland. There are harmonised lows and soaring highs, it’s a majestic mix of pure rock vocal talent.

With less distortion and slicker guitar tones, Fox goes in a new direction that is more melodic in its verse and chorus styling. It’s a structured formula with all moments being filled with as much noise and rock and roll delivery as possible. Your standard bridge reinvigorates the classic chorus approach and to remind you of the guitar virtuoso of Fox, there’s a juicy guitar solo to come your way.

Constructive Ambiguity talks of changing times of gentrification and data plans and how today’s lifestyle is different from that of previous youth. The ambiguity itself is the difference life feels now when you have a moment away from your mobile device in comparison to how we used to communicate.

This new direction or at least one-off number from Unwanted Guest is a standard formulaic piece that may have less going on than the heavy tracks on Grave Metallum, but in truth, it shows Fox isn’t going to stick around with one type of music and Unwanted Guest knocks on all doors of rock.

Whilst the artist will no doubt love their craft, this reviewer can certainly hear the qualities that are available at Fox’s fingertips and looks forward to our next encounter.