We review the new single from Velvateen – Bullwinkle

Containing a fast-paced and heavy punk aesthetic, mixed with a hard rock flourish, Bullwinkle is quite the chugging beast. 

The stoner rock, punk, thrash and rock influences are all on full display for Velvateen here. Diving straight in, it’s a heavy, fast paced, down and dirty kind of track that’s oozing with attitude and emotion. It pulls the listener into what can be best described as, a mosh pit inside their own head. Encapsulating the chaos and hard hitting feel both mentally and musically. There’s a mindset to it all, with the heaviness and fast rhythm lending to that basement club atmosphere. 

There’s an immediate precedent set by Velvateen, as they introduce drums with deep and mean punchiness, heavily distorted guitar and bass, and of course a screaming vocal performance. The bookmarks of modern heavy music are all present here. 

The drums are one of the standouts here, taking up a space on the track as they’re endlessly beaten, in fast beats and breakneck flourishes by an incredibly fast drummer. It’s a hell of a performance and one that could make some start to sweat just listening to it. 

Whilst the drums standout, props must be given to the powerful vocal performance that encapsulates the heaviness of more modern rock and metal perfectly. The harsh and strained screams taking up just enough air time so as to let the music breathe just a little. 

Whilst the guitars are excellent, there are a lot of chugging riffs that all sort of blend together after a couple of listens in places. Whilst it’s completely in keeping with the performance and the other elements, there is only a moment or two that really pushes a little more. It bites hard on the initial listen, and becomes more recognisable on repeat listens. 

In some places, Bullwinkle truly does shine, whilst in others it lacks some flourish and impact. On a hardcore setlist, Bullwinkle is going to feel very at home, and is more than likely even more impressive live in the flesh. But in passing listening, it may be a win at times and at others may just not be something you feel like listening to.