Glasgow alternative rock band Victoria Sponge’s new release “The World Breathes” is a splendidly melodic and refreshingly optimistic acoustic track that lyrically uses the power and beauty of nature as a reflection of human experience and comforting presence.  

With an instantly innocent and delicate quality to it with folkish acoustic guitar, warm and smooth flowing vocal passages and shimmering production this track clearly aims for and achieves a lustrous melodic sound. The instrumentals on this song are graceful and exquisite – particularly on the chorus where the vocal harmonies of That Burd, who’s feature on the track compliments it delightfully, blends seamlessly with lead vocalist of the band Chris Irvine’s elegant voice. There’s almost a choir-like quality to the vocals on this track that I really dig, this may be something to do with either of the singers vocal training background. Either way it makes for a charming listen especially paired with the refined production.  

Lyrically, this track is clear and conceptual using well thought-out metaphors connecting nature and human beings. Using mountains as a metaphor for empowering yourself and spreading a message that the earth is as alive as mankind is with its emphasis that “the world breathes” nature takes centre stage in this song. Particularly with the global climate crises unfolding at the moment, I find this an important and relevant point which this track does a tasteful job at highlighting to the listener.  

My one criticism of this track is that at times it feels a little too clean or polished to the point of being almost sterile. Given its empowering and inspiring message, I believe the instrumentation could have benefitted from more experimentation and surprises as it feels overly predictable at times. Whilst for a single which still makes for a very pleasant listening due to its delightful melodies this is a minor criticism, on an album release I would expect to see Victoria Sponge pushing more creative boundaries to form a sound more unique to them whilst maintaining their melodic writing style.