High energy, groovy and quite honestly brilliant are just a few of the ways I would describe this huge Hip-Hop infused pop track from Vidorra. ‘Here We Go Again’ really does start off as it means to go in as the extremely catchy earworm of a synth motif brings the song in. 

‘Here We Go Again’ is very noticeably inspired by and rooted in dance music in a lot of ways. Listening to and reviewing this track had me ready, even at 8am, to bounce out of my chair and dance. The bass synths which I am certain are 808’s (although I’m no music tech wizard…) have this way of absolutely filling the mix out and making this track sound ready to boom out loud in a nightclub.

However, these bass synths also don’t get in the way of anything else in the music and are placed perfectly within the mix. 

The production work on this track is clearly from an accomplished producer as the sound of the song is that perfectly produced pop hit that wouldn’t be out of place in the charts. Everything is sat where it should be in the mix and I’ll be honest, it made my ears extremely happy to hear such an amazingly produced piece of music.

Vidorra has seen some success with releases in recent years, with previous music being played across BBC Radio 1, Radio Stoke and Radio Midlands. None of which are a surprise as Vidorra is an artist who sounds very much like he has a good understanding of writing and composing music.

The fact that he has not only written this song so well but also produced it to such a high standard really speaks to the level of musician he is and the understanding of music he holds. I’m sure Vidorra has an extremely long and successful career ahead of him if he continues to release music like this. Really, really great work.