We Review The New Single From Vincent’s Last Summer – Below The Ceiling

Manchester is well known for its post-punk scene and Vincent’s Last Summer is another great addition to energetic indie music.

The group’s latest single Below The Ceiling has a balance of driving bass, spoken-word verses, and explosive rawness in their chorus delivery.

There’s always room for another band with Below The Ceiling’s fuzzy and overloaded sound, but it comes at a time where artists like Yard Act are dominating this sound, hopefully, this has a positive outcome to give bands of a similar sound that leg up they deserve.

The vocals in the verse almost give you a feeling of displacement as they clamber over each other. That uneasy vibe from the verse gives you the anticipation of what’s coming next as you’re given a big bass rhythm. The guitars are waiting for their moment and they deliver with passion.

As the song progresses the tempo increases like a dance track before the raw vocals become an onslaught on the senses. The robotic effects in the bridge and static filters between the pre-chorus and chorus differentiate what Vincent’s Last Summer has to offer with more of a noise-rock focus.

They’re clearly a band that isn’t afraid to push their sound in experimental directions and no doubt in the future we’ll be seeing their future catalog adding more sonic sounds on top of what the band has already established in the last year.

It’s a song that bounces and kicks your arse if you’re not paying attention and its eerie verse and bridge are there to tell you that you might have more than what you bargained for.