vortex town spit
vortex town spit


Capturing many dynamic elements of the 90s alt-rock scene, Vortex Town presents Spit. The group’s name and single title give you a good impression of what you’re about to hear. Spit gives off a gritty nature and Vortex opens to mind to a lot of sonic effects. Vortex Town does not disappoint.

From huge fuzzy riffs to waves of distortion, Nottingham’s Spit is an angsty piece that lets out all kinds of aggression. The notes and rhythms, predominantly in the chorus give off strong Smashing Pumpkins Mellon Collie vibes. Lyrically, the vocals are a lot tougher than simple alt-rock and blend more into grunge.

The voice delivery fits so well into the raucous sound of Vortex Town with a strong female-led delivery. From the first verse, the vocals are a central fold of a sound that features echoing drum beats and guitars ready to burst. “Chew Me Up and Spit Me Out” is the catchy chorus line and calls back to classic alt-rock lines from groups such as L7. The moody chords in the chorus certainly set a mood that supplies the vinegar felt in the direction of the lyrics.

The bridge allows for darker guitar directions as they take the driving seat. Their build-up of notes is grabbed back as the drums and bass are allowed their moment with their vocals. Perhaps the grittiest moment in Spit. Not long after Vortex Town returned to their powerful chorus that cements the group as a new and exciting face in modern grunge rock.

What’s impressive about both this band and song is while capturing their influences, they still produce a fresh and long-awaited sound. The streets of Northern Britain need a raw sound and hard-hitting message. Spit is one of those tracks that makes for an exciting resurgence in Grunge music.