We review the new single from WAXX! – Vampires

A brand-new single from fuzzy psychedelic six-piece WAXX!. How can you say no?

Jumping straight into the song, after 20 seconds of what could almost be construed as soulful acoustic rock music, you are suddenly vaulted into an intense wall of psychedelia.

An impressive level of intricacy has been crafted into the texture of ‘Vampires’. With ‘nostalgic house piano tones, swirling trippy guitars, pounding bass and a backbeat filled with big fills, bongos, and tambourines’, every corner you turn there’s a new sound to twig your ear. It’s more than obvious that the band has really put effort into thinking about how to assemble this single.

There is an argument perhaps that some may think the vocals sit too quiet in the mix. Sometimes you may find yourself reaching just a touch too hard to grasp what’s going on. Nevertheless, the song certainly holds its own amongst the Norwich band’s previous 3 singles.

If you’re hoping for more from Waxx! then you need not worry. After a busy festival season, the band are now back in the studio working on recording their debut album. 

After a series of exciting singles over the past couple of years it will be great to see if they can take a step up with a whole record of songs. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for that one!