We review the new single from We The North – Where Is Your God?

Upfront, blunt, and direct. We The North refuse to hold back in their new single ‘Where Is Your God?’

It opens with a pulsating drum beat that keeps the track grounded throughout, and then explodes into a hard-hitting, ear-piercing guitar riff. The lyrics are forthright and, although they may seem a bit on-the-nose (literally tackling the concept of God), the honesty is refreshing.

Furthermore, adding to the embrace of the lyrics, is the unmistakable northern accent with which the words are sung. A lot of time singers will mask their accent for wider appeal, but this is not the case for We The North. It makes sense given the Bury band even put the word ‘North’ in their name. It’s nice to hear.

In a self-description, the band called themselves a ‘hard rock/dirty rock band that plays loud, honest and emotional music.’. I think they’re pretty dead on. The grungy riffs and aggressive tones are right at the forefront of the group’s sound. They know what they want to create, and if you like it then you like it.

What I’d like to hear next from the band is some more diversity in their music. It’s all very intense and to the point, but it’d be cool to see exploration and experimentation with new sounds. Something more intricate, more complex, and with a mix of feelings. I’m no expert, but I know I would like it.

This track is undoubtedly an energy injection for live shows. If you want to get the crowd jumping then this certainly isn’t a bad song to have in your roster. I just hope you know, if you go to watch We The North then prepare to leave with your ears ringing.

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