We review the new single from WeatheredMan – Runnin’

An ‘80s throwback with a modern twist, this new track from Leeds’ WeatheredMan goes in with heavy synths and sparkling vocals to manufacture a indie-pop masterpiece.

Unmistakably a summer single, its bright and beautiful mixture of rhythms comes together with real fun and catchy consequences. Relentless heavenly synth beats combined with funky guitar as it shimmers and shines, becoming pretty hypnotic as its eclectic mix of sounds refuses to wither throughout.

Having worked with Cheryl Cole, Red Hot Chilli Pepper and The Wombats its clear to see how he has developed and refined a multitude of genres to really hone in on what is now a fantastically defined sound showcased with this track. There are clear pop influences in the melody, synth-pop instrumentals throughout, and even a hint of disco in there with the catchy little flashes of guitar to keep you on your toes.

More than anything, this is a brave track. It attempts to bring together everything he has done throughout his time in music and tie all the best elements together to create one piece that seems to span them all, and he’s pulled it off. A wonderful piece of music, and one that could very easily be the soundtrack to your summer.