We review the new single from Wez King – M.H

Released in support of the Mental Health Foundation, Wes King is wearing his heart and intentions on his sleeve with M.H. 

There’s a very clear message behind the song before it’s even booted up. The lyrics only keep up the allegories taking place as Wez speaks from personal experience throughout the track, facing his own struggles with mental health head on. In particular, the chorus hammers the point home with simple but solid delivery of the chanted chorus, “M.H, M.H, time to get better”. 

It’s a noble song for a noble cause, and one that’s not straying into cheesy territory at any point. There’s a very matter of factness about it all, the honesty and inclusivity of it all is exactly what the song needed to be. Rather than isolating himself (and in turn, the listener), the lyrics bring so many people into the fold. With lines devoted to a ‘brother’, ‘sister’, and ‘friend of a friend’, it paints a clear image and one that no doubt rings true with many. 

Statistically, nearly everyone will be touched by mental health or will know someone close to them affected by it at some point in their lives. And in the modern-day, where the opening to talk about it is much greater than it ever has been. So this song is just to help build that feeling of belonging and understanding even more. 

As far as the musical side of the track goes, it’s reflective of the lyrics. With an easy to listen to backing track that’s filled with guitars that stir hope, a funky bass, and drums that don’t hit too hard at all. It’s a nice sweet spot of a rock track that’s easy to listen to regardless of your music tastes. Despite being a little on the generic side, it’s not the point of the song. When it sounds this solid and good to just listen to, it just fits nicely into its individual niche perfectly. 

In conclusion, it’s a very clear message that’s being sent with M.H, and one that’s done with grace, style, and above all else, care for other people. Tackling a difficult subject with relatable lyrics, an easy to listen to a musical track, and sensitivity to its subject.