We review the new single from Wez King – Mona Lisa

This new track from the Kent rockers brings with it a brilliant rawness, as well as impressively tight instruments tying it all together, to leave you both exhilarated and tipping your cap to a tremendously crafted piece of music.

Ominous rumbles of bass ring out momentarily to set the scene of this track before falling away for a more pedestrian but equally dark rhythm which continues throughout. There’s a constant sense of building present in the instruments which keep you hooked through the verses before a flashy guitar riff finally lifts it into the chorus.

Mona Lisa, much like its famous namesake, is full of different layers which reveal themselves from time to time throughout the track. Always threatening to break out into something heavier than it really is, it has the rawness and punch of a post-punk inspired piece, but grounds itself with a frivolous indie melody that carries the chorus along so memorably.

Despite the ever-expanding and contracting sound which provides the bedrock of the track, it’s the vocals that jump out at you the most. Switching from almost crooning, hypnotically deep tones at points, to fiery passion in others, and reaching desperate high notes through the chorus, it’s a wonderful range that seems to always perfectly complement whatever the rest of the band is doing at any point.

It’s hard to put your finger on exactly what makes Mona Lisa work, but one thing is certain, it does. It’s almost annoyingly listenable, and has you pressing restart almost immediately to get another quick hit. Take a listen below.