We review the new single from Wez King – ‘We Were Young’

Delivering Indie Pop drenched in nostalgia, ‘We Were Young’ is the brand new single from Wez King. The lyrics convey a youthful sense of possibility and optimism, as they describe changing and growing relationships. Upbeat and playful, the sentiment of the lyrics is carried cohesively through the instrumentation, with the walking bass and piano glides being particular standouts.

Hailing from Kent, Wez King draws influence from the classic sounds of Indie Pop/Rock, referencing artists like Jamie T, Arctic Monkeys and Liam Gallagher. The sound and feel of ‘We Were Young’ is reminiscent of Peace, giving us that happy go lucky sound.

Opening with bright acoustic guitars and the bass, the structure of this song follows a fairly recognisable pattern, allowing us to sit back and enjoy the sound. The mix is wonderfully balanced, allowing each element space to be noticed. Wez King’s personality rings through the lyrics as he sings of familiar scenes of youth that allow you to instantly connect to the message of the song.

Somewhat of a coming of age love song, the overly positive sound of this song gives it an overwhelmingly summery feel. Writing this review in 30 degree weather, I can confirm it is the perfect soundtrack to a summer day in the garden.