An acoustic wonder that pulls at the heartstrings, Wilhelm encapsulates a moody yet atmospheric aura through ‘The Creek’. Starting his solo venture 6 years ago, it’s been 3 years since we’ve heard any new solo material, making this an important revival listen. Wilhelm took some time out to focus on a grunge metal band – an artist with many hats it seems!

Quite a long introduction to the actual track, once the vocals started in the new single, it didn’t feel as long as it actually was.

Wilhelm’s vocals feel intimate yet able to tell a story with the power of a stunning vibrato. In his biography, Wilhelm states that lyrics are always up to interpretation, and I always find that makes the listener more eager to listen. How can I relate? How can I put my own twist on this? To me, this song reminds me of what it feels like to find your identity.

The arrangement of the actual track climbs throughout and uses a gorgeous drum beat to pave the way for a climactic finale. The song feels like it needed another part, maybe like a bridge, to elevate it that little bit further. Saying that, the use of the additional chord during the prominent hook means that it steers towards a more adventurous route.

In “The Creek” Wilhelm isn’t afraid to let go and take the route he wants on his own. It’s a lengthy offering but you have to listen to every single note to appreciate its true beauty. A radiant love for this one, captured my heart straight away, I just wondered where on earth it was going to take me by the end.