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We Review The New Single From WINACHI. Collaborating with Pantofola d’Oro – For You I’d Kill (Ft. Natalie Wilde)

Following on from a busy 2022 of single releases, Winachi return once more with their latest track, For You I’d Kill featuring Natalie Wilde.

The Warrington group is back with a sunny track blurring genres such as indie rock, funk, and electronic. Grooving bass lines, bouncing electronic drums, and sweet vocal harmonies provide an overall smooth 70s funk inspiration.

The guitars progress in different sonic directions as the track progresses from a slight ethereal beginning to a jangly clean tone to succumb to the funk optimism other instrumentation gives off.

The chorus is the cherry on the cake throughout the track with both Winachi and guest vocalist Natalie Wilde’s vocals harmonising on the high-falsetto spectrum. The verse vocals are a scratchier more subtle sound which is perfect for the chorus burst.

The overall instrumentation builds up to the chorus with the instrumentation pushing the vocals into the pool of funk and it’s as if the vocals are immediately transformed in the chorus. Adding the lyrical messages on top of the sound creates even more positivity whilst the song title itself For You I’d Kill raises some questions, the chorus talks about taking a bullet as well as killing someone. It’s clearly a song of love and progress.

The modern electronics take the pre-existing funk sound in new and exciting directions that the 70s certainly had an idea of, but with the ease of modern programming, the keys and synths add even more force and funk behind the drums and bass.

For You I’d Kill is the second single from the upcoming album Sympathy For The Future released later this year.