We review the new single from WOLFNUNN – Volt

Electronic project WOLFNUNN is an artist not for the faint-hearted. If you’re into glitch-infused EDM with dashes of early 90s trance music, WOLFNUNN’s new single is calling your name. Titled ‘Volt‘, the new release is one of a number of tracks that Joshua Nunn, aka WOLFNUNN, wrote in the comfort of his home studio during the lockdown. Turning the awful situation we all endeavoured in lockdown into a largely positive, ‘Volt’ is like a lightning bolt through the sky during a heavy thunderstorm – iconic yet quite daunting at the same time.

Heavily inspired by rave scenes in the early 90s combined with the refreshing cinematic attire of today’s music, ‘Volt’ is mostly iconic because of its polished production. Slightly infused by punk in places, ‘Volt’ has fierce high energy that refuses to be put on a shelf.

The only thing that makes the song feel like it won’t reach the right demographic is the 90s dance scene has been and gone. Quite erratic in places but with a strong sense of euphoria, even though this track might not be something I would handpick, it certainly will turn heads if you’re into dance and electronica.

Somewhere between the boldness of The Prodigy and the character of The Chemical Brothers, WOLFNUNN is clearly stating that dance has a new sheriff in town.