World Speed Record


Everybody has their own definition of what they deem to be the ‘golden era’ of indie rock. For me, it was the era when indie filled our radio stations and festival bills during the late 2000s/early 2010s. As music is getting weirder than ever, it is quite refreshing to hear a new band that takes clear inspiration from this era. World Speed Record, the four-piece from Birmingham, present to you their latest single, ‘UNDERLOAD’.

Once all the instruments kick in after a short guitar-led introduction, we are blessed by the captivating vocal melody that the chorus presents. The production here is pretty stellar, the guitars have a really crisp tone, the drums have plenty of punch, and the bass carries plenty of warmth that really tops this off.

With the vocals, you can definitely hear plenty of expression in the performance, with some nuance to the delivery that showcases flair and passion. The chorus is definitely the high point of the song, and portrays to me that the rest of the song was written around this structure. This is sure to be a song that will get stuck in your head after just one listen, whether that be live or recorded.

Though I think the production and the way the instruments blend together is fantastic, there are a couple of things that I think is holding this song back a little.

While the vocal performance for the main melody is excellent, I wish that there was a little more going on in the way of vocal harmonies. It took me a while to realise that there are some harmonies present, however, they are very quiet in the mix and only after listening on flat response headphones did I realise that they were there.

There are some lower harmonies towards the end of the verse that I wish were just a little bit more pronounced in the mix, dynamics-wise and performance-wise. Also, the vocals that harmonise the song’s title lyric at the end of the chorus are too quiet, as well as being completely absent from the third and final chorus.

Especially as I feel like the rhythm and lead guitar don’t do enough to differentiate themselves in the chorus, the song sounds a little more alive in the first and second chorus because those vocal harmonies are there.

The bridge is excellent, it slows the pace of the song down and features what I feel is missing from the chorus in this song. There are two incredibly memorable guitar licks that really add a lot more personality to the song. I also love the use of octave harmonies on the vocals here, they sound fantastic!

World Speed Record prove that in this bridge section they have great vocal and guitar ability, I just wish that they showcased it a little more throughout the song.

This band know how to write a catchy song. They already have the components in their arsenal to make something truly excellent as they have proven here in certain sections. It’s those little bits of extra flair and spice that truly make a song stand out from the rest.

While I feel what I have said may come across as a little harsh, I truly believe that this band have a bright future ahead, and I cannot wait to see what they come up with next. I’ll still be singing along to this one in the meantime though. Solid stuff!