We review the new single from Year Of The Fist – Red Lights Flash (Live at the Ivy Room)

Punk rock n roll straight out of Oakland as Year Of The Fist release an incredible live take on their track ‘Red Lights Flash’.

Originally released on their 2019 studio album ‘Revive Me’, the California four-piece breathe new life into the song with a live recording taken from an extremely intimate show at the Ivy Room in Albany earlier this year. Due to be released on a double-sided 7” vinyl through DCxPC Live – it’s a fresh take on an already fierce track.

Opening with the drummers count-off before launching straight into a biting guitar riff, YOTF don’t mess around. With a run time of only 2 minutes 39 seconds, this journey is fast and its loud – and the band are taking us with them for the ride.

Thundering guitars race along in this hella beat-heavy number which features a great duality of vocals. Two vocalists utilise both harsh screamed and melodic singing, bringing a mix of abrasive and commanding qualities to the track. There’s also some great harmonies in there.
“One more night to turn it around”

This recording marks the first time the band had been on stage together in over a year, and if anything that works in their favour. There’s a certain energy you only get from a live take – a fiery spark that is palpable.

YOTF are a blend of screamed vocals, pissed-off lyricism and solid melodies. It’s punk rock n roll. And really, it’s four mates just kicking ass and loving what they do. FFO Bikini Kill, Lunachicks and L7.

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