We review the new single from Yellow Majesty – A Song For The Weak

There’s a very dreamlike essence to A Song For The Weak, as two very different vocalists duet their way through the song. 

With two very distinct voices, that of Yellow Majesty and featured singer Alli Hart, there are times when both vocalists seem to be jostling for the spotlight and end up tripping over one another.

 It does feel a little awkward at times, when one has barely finished their line and the other has already started up their own. Coupled with the fact that both are using different styles of singing, with one having a crisp and clear delivery, and the other having an autotune and distortion element added. It just adds to the slightly disjointed feel around the vocals. 

The musicianship in A Song For The Weak is a much better story, delivering a nice floaty, and dreamy style with the gentle guitars, minimalist drums, and the autotune to Yellow Majesty’s own vocals.

It gives a very pleasant and relaxed feel and eases the listener into the song without any kick-in-the-teeth  moments. 

Whilst the musicianship is solid, and the vocals are hit and miss, the lyrics are a little harder to break down. There’s plenty of mysterious and vague metaphors that seem to be open for interpretation, but with some very clear themes of vulnerability and loneliness, no doubt inspired by recent world events.

Although dreamy and mysterious, the listener has to really intently listen to unravel the true meaning behind it all. 

Overall, A Song For The Weak is a solid effort on the behalf of all parties involved. But there is also a lot of room for improvement. The track could have really benefitted from a longer runtime, giving the lyrics more chance to breathe. Along with a more consistent sound to the vocals which could have been rectified when mixing.

There are some great moments too, such as the guitar, drums and both individual vocal deliveries. Everything is a hairs length from lining up and really making a showstopper, but it just misses that mark sadly. 

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