We review the new single ‘Gold of Mine’ by Pixia

Entering with a hypnotic beat that continues the momentum throughout the release, ‘Gold of Mine‘ is best described as Pixia’s gold mine – or in other words, the track that could make her generate an even stronger fanbase.

Based in the UK, Pixia is an emerging singer-songwriter that’s still at the beginning of her professional career. Musically, the track is an energetic offering that comes across as retro in places yet refreshing to today’s industry.

Detailing there’s a deeper message to the track that you don’t realise, ‘Gold of Mine is definitely a number that you can put your own twist on. Sadly, in places, the lyrics don’t feel as commanding as the beat and feel like they’re quite loose in areas.

Vocally, the track is quite loose but the imperfect melodies give the track an even more distinctive vibe. Even though the track isn’t as hard-hitting as hoped, ‘Gold of Mine’ is still an effortless return.

This is an artist that is growing with her music. Constantly evolving and creating a world where fans can get lost and remember their own worth, Pixia is an empowering artist going from strength to strength.