Rock and Roll band. Simple as f%kin that”

The lead guitarist is one and went platinum at one time, so it’s a bit less than what you would call “simple” rock and roll. Far less than that.

It is in fact a brilliantly volatile blend of a hard rock track straight off a title film soundtrack with sprinkles of byzantine guitar flow straight from some pretty glam era. this would have you headbanging, singing along, imaging it being cut together with scenes of jumping from helicopters, a rhythm that flows with ballroom dances and explosive car chases. Would absolutely have a crowd waving lighters, phones, and arms in a summer breeze at sunset with thousands of voices.

It’s an absolute belter of a song with plenty of blockbuster and radio appeal that’ll magnetise the ears and bring in fans with all sorts of tastes in music. It’s big, bold, and memorable. Its lyrics accompany beautifully to strong a spring anthem about holding onto love and life.

Mastered by the legends at Magic Garden who have worked with the likes of Paolo Nutini, Robert Plant, and Editors. A powerful one for a band almost a year into their journey and a soon to be favourite of playlists and RGM HQ.

The surprise bonus track on the single is just as stunning but with an alternate operatic vibe that’ll stick in your mind.

A wonderfully strong double bill.