We review the new single ‘Here She Lies’ by Hail

Symphonic metal is making a fierce comeback, and Hail is the new face of the genre. Based in Southampton, the mysterious Hail may be at the beginning of her career, but she’s certainly showcasing that the future is bright.

Slightly outdated and sounding like something you’d hear from the early noughties in the nu-metal era, ‘Here She Lies‘ is based around a simple chord progression. Standing out mainly because of the distinctive vocals, the track is fuelled with a poetic arrangement.

The message is about being haunted by the death of someone close to you and is certainly relatable for anyone that has mourned someone close to them.

Based around an emo-metal front, the track was recorded at River Studios with Matt Parisi. Not ground-breaking in the slightest, but not awful either, ‘Here She Lies’ is definitely for fans of Evanescence, We Are the Fallen and The Pretty Reckless.

Writing the track in early 2021, the storyline to the track was so hard-hitting for Hail that she had to wait until now to release it and come to terms with the pain.

In a nutshell, the single is dark yet layered with warmth from Hail’s astonishing vocal.