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I encountered Birdeatsbaby a number of years ago and they’ve been at the top of my radar to see live for a while. Hearing new music from them will forever enchant me, and ‘Hex’ certainly lives up to standards.

The vocals are ethereal and instantly recognisable as Mishkin Fitzgerald’s. The Thet track also features Hana Piranha’s fascinating cello arrangement, aggressive guitar riffs from Garry Mitchell, and Anna Mylee’s diverse drum arrangement. Going back to the vocals, they never are held back. In parts, there’s a menacing nature to them that can only be described as effortlessly powerful.

‘HEX’ is the title track from their upcoming album and if the album is anything like this song, we’re in for a journey through the ages. Celestial but like something you’d hear in your nightmares, the post-metal meets avant-garde is hypnotic.

It’s like Porcupine Tree had a songwriting session with Magenta and created this energetic new wall of sound. As the track ventures into the unknown, that’s the only way to describe it – you have no idea where this song is going to end up.

Musically, the track is constantly shifting. Beginning as a gentle structure before ending up as a post-metal apocalypse, it’s a song not for the faint-hearted. My favourite thing about music will always be artists that aren’t afraid to beat around the bush. They’re not afraid to grab the horns and make something their own. This statement has Birdeatsbaby written all over them.