We review the new single ‘Hollywood’ by Emma Mae

Hollywood” is certainly a place where Emma Mae could find herself living at some point in her career. The stylish pop single from the Leicester born artist is armed with a delicate production that screams star-quality. Intimate and raw, the new single is best described as a ballad that could make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up.

Taking a step back from her Alanis Morissette-esque pop-rock vibe, this new single hears the songwriter in a separate light, and it’s gorgeous.

Taking a break from her usual attire, this intricate heartbreak track tells the sad but relatable story of unrequited love that many of us know all too well – especially this time of year. Providing the perfect backdrop to those December blues, you could hear this in a blockbuster movie that shows the leading role hit rock bottom – but they remember who they are and dust themselves off again.

Showing a different, more serious to the emerging songwriter, this track could easily open the doors for more opportunities for Emma.

The pop industry is watered down, but this track definitely feels like it was destined to be in our lives. Unfiltered and unexpected, this is a stunning new avenue and sound for Emma Mae.